GeoGebra Files for Twisty Puzzle Classification

In 2009 and 2010, I actually ended up making several more GeoGebra files for exploring the possible twisty puzzles. I don't think I ever actually published them, and they may not be 100% finished, but they definitely ought to be out in the wild. So here's a zip file with what I have: http://www.mzrg.com/filepost/GeoGebra_TPCP.zip

First, there are some 2D state diagram views. The files here are Tvv, Tee, Tev (that's all the T ones, since vertex and face turns are equivalent); Cee, Cvv, Cff, Cfv; Dff; Oee; and a partial Iee (there are so many Ie puzzles by themselves!). The display has one face of the polyhedron, and a 2D state diagram.

Second, and perhaps more interesting, are the files marked "Cview" etc. These display colored polyhedra with 6 sliders at once: two v, two f, and two e. I haven't actually done the work of classifying the puzzles, of course, but you can set up and view some pretty complicated things, and it's neat to play with the sliders and see how the puzzles change. The icosahedron one is the most complicated and does not completely work, but I haven't touched it in years and I don't remember what points and lines do what...

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